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GOP rejects Obamacare… Who will it affect?

While it may be of no surprise to many that Trump is not doing what he promised, such as not interfering with Medicaid. He promised all the voters that he will provide insurance to everyone in need but the recent decision to repeal Obamacare has caused a fury among many.


There are 15-20 million people who are on Medicaid and they will suffer the consequences of this decision. It will cause a negative impact and the road to recovery for many patients will be obstructed. The United Sates already has a very shaky medical insurance system compared to other developed countries in Europe so it is going to cause a huge dent in the policies of the Trump administration. Here are the people that are going to be affected because of this:


Drug addiction treatment

If Obamacare is repealed , Treatment will be out of reach for most addicts. Families who covered for substance abuse will have to change coverage. Addiction treatment centers charge thousands of dollars for rehab. If the congress takes out the mandatory substance abuse coverage for all people , state run facilities will be the only option. These places are already overcrowded and have no beds for drug addicts.

People who are in rehab centers or the ones who go to clinics to be treated for drug abuse are going to have problems getting their treatments. It is not easy to leave the path of drug abuse behind and get help and on top of that a new law that would stop providing medical aid to people who are suffering from substance abuse will make it harder. This could likely cause them to go back to doing drugs or they may end suffering even more severe consequences in the form of relapse.


Senior citizens

Medicaid is something the senior citizens rely on to ensure their medical bills are covered. Families struggle to support old members because they already have so much to worry about paying, insurance, college tuition and various other expenses. Paying for a senior citizen’s medical bills puts a heavy burden on families. Nursing home and hospital bills would only deter someone to seek medical assistance and it will ruin their health.


There are also many seniors who have no families looking after them and Medicaid is the only hope they have. Almost 2/3 of the nursing home population relies on Medicaid so you can imagine how many lives are going to be affected by this.



Over 30 million children rely on Medicaid for various reasons. Some have life threatening diseases, while others have injuries that need to be taken care of by the hospital. Not all families can afford quality healthcare and if Obamacare is repealed, millions of children’s lives will be drastically affected. Their chances of getting ahead in life will be greatly diminished and only the children of the rich will prosper. Families would have to struggle to make their ends meet just because of the expensive healthcare bills.


People with disabilities

Medicaid provides people with disabilities a way to enhance their way of living. Over 10 million people with disabilities rely on it to cover for their expenses. People with disabilities have a lesser chance of doing a job properly and so whatever they will earn is going to go straight to their medical bills.



Women require Medicaid to help them in acquiring reproductive health services. Affording a quality maternal healthcare will only be a luxury of the few. There are post-pregnancy medical treatments and for many women that won’t be covered if Obamacare is repealed.


Medicaid is an essential program that enhances the lives of every demographic and community. Repealing it would only cause more problems in the future. Unless the Trump administration comes up with something better to assist the people with, there seems to be a gloomy future for people with medical needs.

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