Relocating To Florida

When a parents relocate to west palm beach following a divorce or paternity action in Florida, the process can be complicated.  In many instances, parents seek to relocate with their children so that they can pursue a career or educational opportunities.  Parents seeking to relocate to be closer to family in west palm beach so that they can receive financial and emotional support from extended family members.  Parental relocation is often one of the most upsetting and contentious child custody issues that a parent may face. Marriage and family counselors at Hope Builders therapy and counseling in west palm beach help parents with family issues when relocating. When the relocation is a significant distance, it may have an adverse impact on the parent who does not move away to palm beach county in terms of their timeshare and cost of having the child come stay with them.

Whether you are a parent seeking to move away with your child(ren) or the parent who will be left behind, our family practice can assist you.  Our West Palm Beach family counseling office will carefully review the facts of your particular case to develop the best possible strategy in handling the parental relocation request and to provide a realistic expectation of the likelihood that the court will grant the relocation.

Parental Relocation under Florida Law

Florida law imposes specific procedures that must be followed if a parent seeks to relocate with a child more than 50 miles from their current residence.  A parent’s compliance with the statutory requirements is very important because failure to comply can result in the judge amending in the current parenting plan and time-sharing arrangement.  A parent who seeks to relocate with his or her child(ren) must provide written notice to the other parent along with a proposed revised timeshare schedule.  The notice provided to the non-relocating parent must also specifically set forth the reasons for moving with the minor child(ren).  A number of reasons that might be considered a legitimate basis for a relocation request include the following:

  • Obtaining a job with more pay or more opportunity for advancement out of state
  • Participation in a higher education program
  • Increased availability of family financial and emotional support
  • Opportunity to start a business
  • Seeking better care for serious illnesses or health problems

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