On The Ballot

Our new campaign involves the repeal of the affordable Care Act.

How this will hurt citizens addicted to heroin and pain medication. Most addicts only have health insurance because of Obamacare. Many married couples with children are addicted to opiates such as pain medication and heroin. These families will suffer if the parents lose their health insurance and cant go to drug rehab for couples. Addicted parents need to get clean and sober to support the family.

Amend 2012 is growing person-by-person and state-by-state across the country.

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If your city, town, county, or state is working to reverse Citizens United, let us know so we can add you to this list. If you want to start the movement in your area or join one already underway, get involved!


Current active resolution or equivalent to reverse Citizens United pending*

  • Alaska (February 2012)
  • Georgia (February 2012)
  • Kansas (March 2012)
  • Rhode Island (March 2012)
  • West Virginia (January 2012)
  • Wisconsin (February 2012)
  • Corvallis, Ore. – citizen vote pending November 2012
  • Greenbelt, Md. – S.J. Res 33/H.J. Res 78, city council discussing 2/13/12
  • Jacksonville, Fla.
  • Nevada City, Calif. – City council agenda for 3/14/12 includes resolution
  • Richmond, Calif.
  • Sarasota, Fla.
  • Seattle, Wash. (March 2012)


* The list of locations with active resolutions or equivalents pending are based on our contact with activists in the field and with lawmakers. Legislative agendas are always subject to change.

States with resolution or equivalent to reverse Citizens United

Hawaii (April 2010)

New Mexico (February 2012)


Cities, Towns, and Municipalities with resolution or equivalent to reverse Citizens United


Los Angeles, Calif. (January 2012)

Oakland, Calif. (January 2012)

Richmond, Calif. (February 2012)


Boulder, Colo. (November 2011)


South Miama, Fla.


Duluth, Minn.


Missoula, Mont. (November 2011)


Albany (January 2012)

New York City (January 2012)


Carrboro, N.C. (January 2012) | legislation language

Asheville, N.C. (February 2012) | legislation language


Athens, Ohio (February 2012)

Portsmouth, Ohio (February 2012) | legislation language (PDF)


Eugene, Ore. (February 2012)

Portland, Ore. (January 2012) | legislative language


Dane County, Wisc. (April 2011)