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Common Cause Chairman Robert Reich takes 2:12 to draw a picture of the state of our democracy.

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Colorado Marijuana Statistics Since Legalization

Colorado Marijuana Statistics Since Legalization Even as a federally prohibited and a Schedule I substance since the 70’s, a call for the repeal of marijuana prohibition has fallen on deaf ears because so far various states such as California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada have legalized the use of recreational marijuana while Arkansas, North Dakota, Florida,…

Drug Treatment Instead Of Incarceration Act

Drug Treatment Instead Of Incarceration Act Imagine the words “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute narcotics” appearing on your son or daughters’ untainted rap sheet? America has the highest incarceration rate in the world, but is it because Americans aren’t addicted to crime or are the politicians overly enthusiastic to criminalizing everything? The federal…

Trumps New Bill on Healthcare

Trumps New Bill on Healthcare   Opioid overdoses killed 91 Americans a day in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The issue has become one of the sticking points in senators’ efforts to pass the Better Care Reconciliation Act, as their Obamacare standby bill is called in operation. After weeks of secret negotiations and meetings,…

29 States with Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

MEDICAL MARIJUANA The word medical marijuana refers to consuming the whole, unrefined marijuana plant or its simple extracts to cure signs of disorder and other conditions. The U.S. Food and Medication Administration (FDA) has not acknowledged the marijuana plant as medication. Often, people become mixed up among the terms cannabis and marijuana. Cannabis is a type for…

Healthcare for Addicts

GOP rejects Obamacare… Who will it affect? While it may be of no surprise to many that Trump is not doing what he promised, such as not interfering with Medicaid. He promised all the voters that he will provide insurance to everyone in need but the recent decision to repeal Obamacare has caused a fury…

Opioid Epidemic Looms in the US: GOP’s Proposed Cuts to Medicaid Threaten Treatment for Opioid Addiction

The fight to combat the opioid crisis is a key issue that commands virtually unanimous support on Capitol Hill. Why? Communities in various states are struggling to control the opioid epidemic that has created havoc in the US and affected every one irrespective of their age, race, and socioeconomic status. In this context, Medicaid, which…